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The global genome editing market is rapidly increasing due to the increased government funding for genomics technology, rise in the production of genetically modified crops and technological advancements these all factors are driving the growth of this market.
Recent developments across genome editing technologies have resulted in the creation of next generation nucleases that have higher levels of accuracy when correcting genetic mutations and defects. The classes under the genome editing technologies are the 4 broad families of nucleases: ZFNs, TALENs, CRISPR/Cas9, and Meganucleases.
Gene editing technologies have an impact across multiple applications areas including plant and animal genetic engineering. However, the area of most disruption is across human cell line engineering, which enables the development of next generation’s therapies and drugs. However, the agricultural industry has seen more success with gene editing techniques largely due to the less stringent regulatory environment.
This market research report categorizes the genome editing market into the following segments: 
By Technology 
•    TALENs 
•    ZFNs 
•    Antisense Technology 
•    Other Technologies 
By Application 
•    Cell Line Engineering 
•    Animal Genetic Engineering 
•    Plant Genetic Engineering 
•    Other Applications 
By End User
•    Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies 
•    Government and Academic Research Institutes 
•    Other Research Organizations
By Geographical Region
•    North America 
•    Europe 
•    Asia 
•    Rest of the World 

    1.1    KEY TAKE AWAYS    
    1.3    MARKETS COVERED    
    1.4    STAKEHOLDERS    
    1.5.1    MARKET SIZE    
    1.5.2    MARKET SHARE    

2 Research Methodology 
    2.1 Research Methodology Steps 
    2.2 Secondary and Primary Research Methodology 
           2.2.1 Secondary Research
           2.2.2 Primary Research
            Key Data From Primary Sources
            Key Industry Insights
    2.3 Market Size Estimation Methodology 
           2.3.1 Market Data Validation and Triangulation
           2.3.2 Assumptions for the Study

3 Executive Summary 
    3.1 Introduction 
    3.2 Conclusion

4 Premium Insights 
    4.1 Genome Editing: Market Overview 
    4.2 Geographic Analysis: Genome Editing Market, By Application (2016) 
    4.3 Market Size, By Technology, 2016 vs 2021 
    4.4 Market Size, By Application, 2016 vs 2021 
    4.5 Market Size, By End User, 2016 vs 2021 
    4.6 Geographical Snapshot of the Genome Editing Market

5 Market Overview 
    5.1 Introduction 
    5.2 Market Dynamics 
           5.2.1 Drivers
            Rising Government Funding and Growth in the Number of Genomics Projects
            High Prevalence Rate of Infectious Diseases and Cancer Among Patients
            Technological Advancements
            Increase in Demand for Synthetic Genes
            Rise in Production of Genetically Modified Crops
            Increasing Awareness About Genomics
            New Product Launches By Industry Players
           5.2.2 Restraints
            High Cost of Genomic Equipment
            Adverse Public Perception Related to Genetic Research
           5.2.3 Opportunities
            Use of Genome Editing in Specialized/Personalized Medicine
            Emerging Markets in Developing Countries
           5.2.4 Challenges
            Off-Target Effect of CRISPR
            Shortage of Trained Professionals

6 Global Genome Editing/Engineering Market, By Technology 
    6.1 Introduction 
    6.2 CRISPR 
    6.3 TALEN 
    6.4 ZFN 
    6.5 Antisense 
    6.6 Other Technologies

7 Global Genome Editing/Genome Engineering Market, By Application 
    7.1 Introduction 
    7.2 Cell Line Engineering 
    7.3 Animal Genetic Engineering 
    7.4 Plant Genetic Engineering 
    7.5 Other Applications

8 Global Genome Editing/Engineering Market, By End User
    8.1 Introduction 
    8.2 Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies 
    8.3 Academic & Government Research Institutes 
    8.4 Contract Research Organizations

9 Genome Editing/Genome Engineering Market, By Region 
    9.1 Introduction 
    9.2 North America 
           9.2.1 U.S.
            Development of Gene Therapy in the U.S.
            Increasing Use of Gm Crops
            Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias in the United States
            Genome Editing Conferences in the U.S.
            Rising Availability of Research Grants and Funding
            Genome Editing Standards Workshop in the U.S.
            Increasing Prevalence of Cancer
            Strategic Developments in the U.S. Market
           9.2.2 Canada
            Availability of Research Funding in Canada
            Rising Incidence of Cancer
            Gapp to Intensify Genomic R&D
    9.3 Europe 
           9.3.1 Conferences and Meetings in Europe
           9.3.2 U.K.
            Increased Funds, and Grants By Government Bodies
            100,000 Genomes Project in U.K.
           9.3.3 Germany
            Availability of Funding for Life Science Research
            Conferences/Meetings/ Symposiums/Workshops in Germany
            Spain’s Focus on Research
            Growth in the Italian Biotech and Pharma Sectors
            Growing Research Investments in Sweden & Denmark
    9.4 Asia-Pacific 
           9.4.1 China
            High Intensity of R&D Activities in China
            Growing Focus of Global Companies on China
           9.4.2 Japan
            Involvement of Industry Players in the Japanese Market: Significant Developments
            Conferences and Symposiums on Genetic Engineering in Japan
            Focus on Cancer Research and Treatment
           9.4.3 India
            Emergence of Local Players in India
            Growth of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India
            Development of Bio-Clusters to Boost India’s Biotechnology Industry
           9.4.4 RoAPAC
            Australia: Availability of Financial Support for Research
            Genome Asia 100k Initiative
            Crop Research Initiatives in Asia
    9.5 RoW 
           9.5.1 Genetic Testing and Genomic Analysis in the Middle East
           9.5.2 Brazil: Investments in Research and Innovation Centers and Conferences & Workshops
           9.5.3 Rising Prevalence of Hiv, Cancer in Africa

10 Competitive Landscape 
     10.1 Overview 
     10.2 Market Share Analysis 
               10.2.1 Introduction
               10.2.2 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
               10.2.3 Merck KGaA
               10.2.4 Horizon Discovery Group PLC
     10.3 Competitive Situation and Trends 
               10.3.1 Agreements, Collaborations, and Partnerships
               10.3.2 Product & Service Launches
               10.3.3 Acquisitions
               10.3.4 Expansions
               10.3.5 Other Strategies
     10.4 Strategic Benchmarking

11 Company Profiles 

     11.1 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. 
     11.2 Merck KGaA 
     11.3 Horizon Discovery Group PLC  
     11.4 Genscript USA Inc. 
     11.5 Sangamo Biosciences, Inc. 
     11.6 Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. 
     11.7 Lonza Group Ltd. 
     11.8 New England Biolabs, Inc. 
     11.9 Origene Technologies, Inc. 
     11.10 Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

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